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Chavopoly - The Game

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Here you can see in more detail everything that's included with each game of Chavopoly

Full Game

Each game includes board, box, 'community pest' and 'keep it reel' cards, money, council houses, high rise tower blocks, dice, playing tokens and an instruction on the picture for a closer look!
chavopoly box

Chavopoly - Fully boxed and professionally packaged.

back of the box

Features celebrity endorsements from 'Victoria Peckham' and 'Mike Skin up'.

The Board
The board is divided into categories such as fags, food, booze and bling.
Playing Pieces

Are you going to play as the Burberry Cap or the Vauxhall Nova?

Community Pest Cards

Win money by appearing on Trisha or blow it all by buying bling in Argos - the choice is yours.
Keep It Reel Cards
Your girlfriend wins 2nd place in a wet T-shirt competition and your mother is on the game - pick these cards and you can buy all the white lightning in the world!
Chavopoly Money
Buy your stolen goods with counterfeit money issued from 'The Bank of Blingland.'
Instead of the Queen and some old dead bloke you've never heard of, the notes feature famous chavs such as 'Mike Skinup' and 'Pikey Carroll'

Rules Page

The first page of the rules to Chavopoly.

click here to download the complete rules (pdf)

bling bling dice
They're not fluffy and hanging from the rear view mirror of the Nova, but these fake gold dice will compliment any self respecting chavs clown pendant.

other chav content to print off
chav top trumps
click to print off

Now you can play Top Trumps with your favorite chavs!

click here to download the complete game (pdf)

free chav wristband
click the picture in to print off

You've got the Sovs and the Clown Pendant, complete the look by getting the wristband! just click the picture.

click picture to print off

Is your 16 year old girlfriend pregnant again? Or is it your nan's 35th birthday? Celebrate by Choosing from our wide selection of greetings cards by simply clicking the picture

asbo certificate

More details coming shortly....

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