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Chav Music
chav cd

When hedonism tips into overindulgence, when the champagne fizz of pop stardom goes stale, that's where you find The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living--the third album from Mike Skinner and The Streets...

This week only: 10.99

Chav DVDs
chav dvd
Fleeing troubles at home, a sensitive American rebel finds himself caught up in the exciting world of underground drift racing in Tokyo. The third in the wildly popular FAST IN THE FURIOUS series...
This week only: 13.99

Chav Books
Chav Books
n the 80s there was The Sloane Ranger's Handbook. In the 90s we had the Essex Girl Joke Book. Now, 21st century Britain is gearing up for the next hilarious new wave...
This week only: 7.09

Chav TV
Chav TV
Series five in the popular show, FOOTBALLERS' WIVES is the smash hit television drama that centres on the loves, lives and traumas of the star footballers of the fictional Earls Park club and their significant others...
This week only: 17.99


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