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Other Chav Websites

Here we present the best links to other sites about Chavs!
Goldie Lookin Chain
The future of Welsh Hip-hop. Download the hilarious mp3's now!
The Banbury Massive
If the Hayez Squad commanded your respect, check out The Banbury Massive!
Am I a Chav or not?
Worried you maybe a Chav? Submit your picture here and let people decide!
Glasgow Survival
Probably the finest Ned/Chav site going! Check out the Gallery and Toys!
Scally Central
A site that seems to specialise in the male of the Chav species... Hmmm!
The Spide Generator
You too can create your very own Belfast Chav!
The Hayezsquad
You've heard of the Stains Massive, now meet the real life Hayezsquad!
Stupid Northern Monkey
Archive of pants cars that have been modified by idiots (Chavs)
Boy Racer Guide
Everything you wanted to know about the modified car culture
Charver Central
A funny look at the pond life in Newcastle. Great Charver watch section!
The Nedagotchi
You too can have your very own Ned cyberpet! Check out the gallery too!!
The Anti-Townie Bible
Everything you wanted to know about townies/chavs.
Sheppey Scum
A very truthful site about the Isle of Sheppey and it's high Chav population!
Chatham Girls
Documents the Chav phenomenon in the town where it all started!
A Yahoo group to discuss everything you hate about Chavs/Townies/Neds
Are you a Ned or a Slapper?
Take this personality test and you'll know!

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