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Urban Dictionary definition of Chav

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Picture this a young lad about 12 years of age and 4 feet high baseball cap at ninety degrees in a imitation addidas tracksuit, with trouser legs tucked into his socks (of course, is definitely the height of fashion). This lad is strutting around, fag in one hand jewellery al over the over, outside McDonalds acting as if he is 8 foot tall and built like a rugby player, when some poor unsuspecting adult (about 17/18) walks round the corner wanting to go to mcdonalds for his dinner glances at the young lad, the young lad jumps up in complete disgust and says “Whats your problem? Wanna make sommin of it? Bling Bling” when the adult starts to walk towards the young lad, the young lad pisses himself and runs off to either his pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend or his brother in the army crying his eyes out.
My mate has become a chav what can i do? answer is shoot him before it is too late
Source: topics, May 10, 2003....

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Wikipedia Definition of chav.

Chav is popular slang term that originated in England but is now used throughout the United Kingdom. It is usually used in a derogatory fashion, referring to a subcultural stereotype of a person with:

fashions such as flashy "bling" jewellery and/or counterfeit designer clothes (particularly Burberry);

a tendency to congregate around places such as fast-food outlets or other shopping areas;

a culture of antisocial behaviour.

In the past such people have been called yobs. Response to the term has ranged from amusement to criticism that the term is a new manifestation of classism....

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chav/ noun (BrE, slang) a young person, often without a high level of education, who follows a particular fashion: There are always loads of chavs hanging round the shopping centre. * Chavs usually wear designer labels, and if they’re girls, very short skirts and stilettos. * Chavs still see branded baseball caps as a status symbol and wear them at every opportunity.
 adj. [only before noun]: The bus was full of chav kids. * chav girls with their big gold jewellery.

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