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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that BLING! This is a compendium of Hip-Hop culture, covering: Bling do's and don'ts;

Presents a dictionary of Scottish Chav speak, ya pure mad mento muppet.Examples include 'Bawbag'- Ned term for a scrotum

A guide to all things Chav, this has chapters ranging from "The Chav Dictionary" and "Chav Icons: The Top 10 Countdown" to "The 'You Know You're a Chav When...' Guide" and "The Latest Chav Quotations".

Have you got ‘nuff bling?’ Are you ‘well phat?’ Do you have no idea what that means? Then you need The Little book of Chav Speak to unlock the latest hip lingo hitting the streets.

Your mum is so fat her stomach has its own postcode. Your mum is so ugly that when she looks in the mirror, the reflection shakes its head. This work features funny jokes.

In the 80s there was The Sloane Ranger's Handbook. In the 90s we had the Essex Girl Joke Book. Now, 21st century Britain is gearing up for the next hilarious new wave - CHAV! A USER'S GUIDE TO BRITAIN'S NEW RULING CLASS.

"Crap Towns" is a humerous guide to the 50 worst towns in Britain. From inner city poverty to self-satisfied middle England, from the dull and the lifeless to the ugly and the depressing, no concrete monstrosity or phoney heritage centre will be left untouched.

If you've got a loyalty card and love a 3 for 2 offer, shop on eBay or take soaps from hotels this is the book for you!

Years ago they would have been out train spotting. This species now inhabits a world of role playing and war-gaming on the internet and their cyber friends are the only contact they have with other human beings.

Enables you to forget the jokes that have been doing the email rounds at work. This title presents a collection of Chav funnies.

The Ned, that distinctly Scottish brand of Chavdom, is instantly recognizable by his tracksuit and trainer combo

Are you sick of school or work and unimpressed with life in general? Are you fed up with people expecting unreasonable things from you - like having a wash? This book provides answers you need to justify doing bugger all.

Spotting a Chav is easy when you know how - just look for the Burberry cap, prison-white Nike trainers, branded clothes, chunky gold jewellery and attitude!

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders - What are they? Who gets them? And why? Here is a light-hearted look at this common social issue. Includes ASBO real-life case studies.

The latest in the highly successful range of Michael O'Mara cheque books, this title celebrates chavs, chavettes and chavlings in all their glory. Issued by the 'Bank of Bling', these promises are truly blazin', really quite off the hook

We're back with a brand new list of towns - and this time it's personal. Inspired by the success of the contentious survey, published in the Idler and the smash hit book. Crap Towns, residents of the original 50 towns, along with plenty of new towns will have their say in Crap Towns II

From the Austin Allegro to the Renault Safrane, this book brings together 50 of the worst cars ever to grace the roads of Britain.

This little guide will tell you all you need to know about the dark and mysterious Goth world: popular myths and stereotypes; how to spot, become or insult a Goth; Goth philosophy; and the mating ritual. Be afraid.

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